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Tick Bite Fever

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‘Matchlessly witty. . . one of the country's funniest writers, his story of growing up in 1970s Africa is a delight. Not another saccharine African memoir, you groan. Well, it isn't. Bennun refuses to sentimentalise Africa or its wildlife, but underpinning the humour is a clear-eyed and movingly sincere tribute to what he has left behind.’ - The Guardian

‘A hilarious memoir. . . Enchanting and amazing.’ - The Daily Mail

‘Bennun's writing is often so funny you will find it hard not to laugh out loud.’ - The Times Literary Supplement

‘Simply hilarious. Laugh-out-loud is an understatement. . . A wonderful insight into life in Africa from a two-foot high point of view, Tick Bite Fever is a witty, touching and above all affectionate look at his unique upbringing.’ - The Press Association

Tick Bite Fever itches with mordant wit - there's at least one turn of phrase per paragraph that gets among your ribs like a feather duster. An excellent memoir.’ - Uncut magazine

‘Exotic hats off to David Bennun, who has written a book full of warmth and self-deprecating humour. . . The author's childhood is painted in a wonderfully blurry way. . . The book continues to amaze with its advice on how to run from various animals, or its account of the attempted coup of 1982.’ - Word magazine

‘A real find.’ - Publishing News

‘Touching and amusing.’ - Wanderlust

‘Hilarious.’ - BBC Radio 4, Midweek

(These are actual quotes, by the by. I haven't done anything to change or exaggerate the sense of them. Like, for instance, taking, “I found it hugely comical that Bennun expected anyone to read more than a few lines of this drivel”, and extracting the phrase, “I found it hugely comical” - DB)

Tick Bite Fever, David Bennun's memoir of growing up in Africa, is published by Ebury Press, a division of Random House.

To order a copy from, please click here.

For press enquiries, please contact Caroline Newbury at the Ebury publicity office on 020 7840 8730 (+44 20 7840 8730 outside the UK),
or email David directly here

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