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This site is intended as a reference for anyone who would like to access the archived journalism of David Bennun from the 1990s and 2000s.

It isn't complete, for all sorts of reasons, but much of what I've written at my own desk over the years may be found here.

For more recent/current work, please see:

The Guardian

The Economist 1843 magazine

The Quietus

You can search this site via Google:

For information on David's first book
Tick Bite Fever
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For information on David's second book
British As A Second Language
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The articles are listed by type:

ALL EXCEPT a few items have been printed in UK national newspapers or magazines. The copy appears in its original, unedited form, rather than the form in which it was published.

  Copyright remains with the author, and no text may be reused in any way without permission.

  If you do want to use something, or if you'd like to comment on anything, please feel free to email me.

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All material on this site is copyrighted to David Bennun and may not be reprinted or reused without permission.

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